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How can we support you in implementing IAM solutions ?

At PRIZM, we understand that every identity management project presents unique challenges and opportunities. This is why we offer a range of support services, adapted to the nature and specific requirements of your needs.

Our interventions can be carried out on site, offering flexibility and responsiveness, or on a fixed price basis for clear and structured project management.

Overall IAM strategy

Our approach is to develop holistic IAM strategies, integrating identity management optimally into our clients' ecosystem, while respecting their specific objectives, challenges, resources and industry particularities.

Sponsor detection and
Identification of issues

We help our clients mobilize internal support, unlock the necessary budgets and identify key success factors for the project, establishing strategic liaisons with sponsors and other important stakeholders.

Framing and specification of needs

We offer tailor-made assistance to clarify and formalize the needs of our clients. This includes meetings with stakeholders, the centralization of essential information, and the synthesis of success indicators, priorities and constraints for a coherent and realistic strategic vision.

Advice & framing in the pre-project phase

Project management

Our project management covers sourcing, team coordination, budget management, and animation of calls for tenders, ensuring smooth and efficient execution of IAM initiatives.

Technical and functional expertise

We provide advanced technical skills to ensure the superior quality and optimal performance of the IAM solutions implemented, adapted to the specific needs of the company.

Solution integration

Our integration services guarantee an efficient and harmonious implementation of identity management systems, with the priority of minimizing disruption through comprehensive change management, and maximizing the added value of the solutions implemented.

Project support

Evolutionary and corrective maintenance

We ensure the proper functioning and continuous optimization of IAM systems with regular interventions for updates and corrections, guaranteeing security and performance.

Ongoing technical support

Ongoing technical assistance on site to ensure the performance and security of your identity management solutions.

Post-project support

Strategic support

Strategic advice and assistance for regulatory compliance in the field of IAM (GDPR, Zero Trust, NIS2, ISO27001).

Maturity diagnostics

To identify opportunities for improvement and develop remediation plans.

Technology monitoring and innovation

Continuous research on the latest trends and technologies to keep your solutions at the cutting edge.

Cross-functional services

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